Friday, November 13, 2009


It's now 12:34 here in lubnan so I just wanna wish my sistah Rima, not to be confused with my name (Rami...real creative mom and dad), a very happy birthday and wish her luck on getting her driver's license. Take care of my car please...I know it breaks down a lot but when she runs she's a beauty. And don't pull a Rami and crash it into a tree after a month! (knock on wood).

and while your on the web check out

apparently we almost got hit by an asteroid on Nov 6th...and there's gonna be an intense meteor shower on the 16th.

well, got a shit ton of studying to do..and alot of "stumbling" as well


Monday, November 9, 2009

some just whine and complain

It has been quite sometime since my last update. I don't know why, its not like it's hard to sit and write a couple paragraphs about whatever but I guess I'm just one lazy mofo. School's been pretty sweet you know as sweet as school can really be. I do have this one class (culture, boundaries, and identity) that is pretty much "zeitgeist" spread out over 4 months. It's interesting but we always end up at the same conclusion: capitalism is evil, the western world is mistreating the east, and so on and so forth. But it really makes you think about this world that we live in and the power struggles that occur "unbeknownst" to us common folk. Here's some knowledge for ya:

Tamiflu is currently the only vaccine available for swine flu due to the fact that it is patented from generic production until 2012 or something. I can't recall the company who makes it (too lazy to even do that, plus the internet is like 56k here) but guess who the main shareholder is for said company. None other than that scum Donald Rumsfeld (freedom of speech motha fucka!). Its weird that we have become so used to our governments screwing us that we don't even take notice. But you've all heard this a hundred thousand times over so I won't bore you. That's why I like to waste my time learning useless things on the internet, which I will now share with ya'll. Btw the easiest way to do this is to use a little thing called "stumbleupon" where you can select from a massive lists of interests and then you just have to click. Be warned: you will waste hours on this thing, so be careful!

This one is a truly interesting story about a guy who is living for a year with no money, completely off the grid. I really want to do this...who's with me?

Ever wondered how long your condiments last? here it is:

the solution to global warming:

Haven't seen any of the new episodes but this is sweet...literally

And finally:

So now that I've wasted your time...go waste your own.

"colonialism is sponsored by corporations, that's why halliburton gets paid to rebuild nations"

Coming soon...a little exhibit of a wonderful artist named angela..and others.

btw why does everyone have to turn 21 before me? Not that it matters in this country...btw lebanon finally has a unity government! Ma3brouk! (congrats)