Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tis' the season

Word on the street is that it's december, but I don't believe it one bit cause it hasn't been below 55 degrees and I hear that it really doesn't get much colder. This is my first time being away from home during the holiday season (Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years). It feels weird, I didn't have turkey on thanksgiving, and no birthday punches on my birthday. Dustin and his friend Dan were here for a week of debauchery which totally screwed up my sleep cycle. But it was well worth it. It really doesn't feel like the holidays, its not cold, there's no snow (in beirut at least), no christmas carols on the radio all day. They did start putting up lights though. I guess as much as christmas has become a commercialized, consumerist, holiday (in the western world at least) it still gives you "that warm fuzzy feeling" on the inside. Maybe this christmas will be a challenge to get in the holiday spirit without all the advertising and non stop christmas music.

Here's a little clip I'm sure you guys all know:

So, I finally got a chance to go to the Beqaa Valley this past weekend on a geology field trip and it was amazing.
It actually reminded of NJ a lot. Colored leaves falling off the trees, big open fields with rolling hills, and trash as far as the eye can see. There are a lot of farms and big villas as well.

And here are some random videos from youtube, which by the way is illegal in Turkey. Democracy my ass.

Thanks to dustin and dan for introducing me to kasta they are sick.

Here is a new show on MTV called "jersey shore" I'm sure it's already the new True Blood by now but here's a trailer just in case

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