Monday, September 21, 2009


It's about 6:30 here in Beirut, partly cloudy with a chance of rain, hi of 32 low of 28 (Celsius that is). I think I'm gonna stick with the whole song lyrics/titles as my post titles cause no matter whats going on in your life you can always listen to music and relate, or disconnect, or get amped, or feel sad, happy, music is the infinite emotion (if that makes any sense at all). One album, one song, one line, one note even, can mean so many different things to so many different people.

Aaaanyyways, I've been listening to Bowie all day with my cousin Wissam (pronounced We-som (as in om-nom-nom)) Went to couple cafes by the university met a bunch of his friends. And tonight we are going to the hard rock cafe for...get this...all you can eat wings and all you can drink beer. I am pumped because I have been eating rabbit food since I got here (all of my uncle's family is vegetarian/vegan) so god knows i want to breaaaak freeee.

So yesterday I was hundreds of feet below the crust of the earth in a cave known as roueiss grotto (pronounced roo-i-ess) crawling through guano, century old mud, and sharp rocks deep into the sloping mountains of Lebanon. I know nobody really cares, but Lebanon has amazing geologic structures I was really blown away (you know cause I'm the greatest geologist that ever lived). It reminded me of the grand canyon (Although I have never been, but I have seen pictures). We had to crawl through this tunnel and all of a sudden I was John Malkovich's brain, controlling his motions, then fourteen minutes later I was on the side of the Turnpike...and then my head exploded. Seriously though, it was quite an adventure, I had never been caving before, and at one point we all sat in one of the bigger caverns and had a minute or so of absolute silence (besides the driping water and pooping bats) with all our helmet-lights turned off. At first I was like wow, listen to all the nature around me, then I realized that it was really really dark and that my eyes were actually open. I've never experienced such darkness and it was starting to get a little creepy right before the head guide turned her light on. I breathed a sigh of relief as she explained that she turned it on so the group of 8-10 year olds with us wouldn't get frightened...whoooopsieee. Then we trekked on through a tunnel which was about 20 feet high and a foot wide I thought I was gonna get stuck and have to cut off my arm like that guy who wrote that book (you know?). So we got to another large cavern (at this time I just wanted to see daylight so badly) and I went a little further than everyone else only to find that there was nowhere to go. We were trapped!! I started to look around, noticed I was the one with the most meat on me, started to wish that I brought my pocketknife...god damnit. But alas, I didn't see the opening above me which led us to freedom (I learned my lesson to let the professionals do what they do best and next time don't cause a panic). are some pics:

I Know it was wrong but I really had to go...they didnt have any TP :(

The entrance

Hope y'all enjoyed the update!

Soon to come: movie reviews! for my first attempt, "how to build a bomb in ten days" starring, rimoat dehtonader. (Booooo bad joke!) Sorry, had to do it.

Mucho Love-o,
The Deeez (nuts)

PS - it is now almost 7:30...I am a slow mofo.

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