Friday, September 18, 2009

Tasted the Watcher

So its 4:56 am here in Beirut and I can't sleep for shit because of the call to prayer being blasted by 5 diferent mosques at one time. Can't they coordinate or something like ill take the ridiculously early one and you can take the next, and so on and so forth.

Anyways, Eric's blog has been resurected which I'm pretty happy about he's a good writer and likes to share alot of interesting stuff he finds on the if anybody out there is reading this (besides eric and those who know him) check out

My first day in Beirut:

So I awoke at around 5 o'clock (idk how that happened) and skyped with the Hil Dawg, I could tell she was unimpressed by the "call of duty" looking area of Beirut but I will post some shots that will (hopefully) change her mind. After that my teta (grandmother) made some turkish coffee, and I took some artsy 35mm shots from the balcony, and a video on my camera.

Afterwards got some breakfast known as "man-oo-shee" it comes in different varieties but the main kind is with zatar (olive oil, sasame seeds, thyme, and sumac) spread on a pita and baked and rolled up with tomatoes and cucumbers, and sometimes kefir cheese. Around 10 I headed out with my cousin to get my cell unlocked and a new sim card and she dropped me off at AUB campus (holy crap look at these pics, I felt like I was at a resort or something).

(so my dorm has a balcony and stray cats)

After AUB I came back to my uncles apt and took an 8 hour nap cause I was donesauced from all the traveling and walking all over the city (got a bit lost on the way back...and people kept asking me for directions like I knew where I was going). When I awoke my cousin took me out on the town with some of her friends we went to Gemeizeh street to a bar known as treesome (aptly named due to the tree growing inside the bar). They played some really good music like the doobie brothers, urethra franklin, kings of leon, the police, and some black eyed peas and that song thats like "1, 2, 3, 4, uno dos tres quattro...let me get that rooomba see and then i get a rooomba soo, and then I let the rooombaa clean and that this rooombaa's dope". I had a couple interesting drinks like something called a doo-doo shot which was lemon juice, pepper vodka (i think), and a spicy olive, and one called brain damage which was vodka with bailey's poured on top then a little bit of cherry syrup tasting thing, it looks like a bleeding brain or like a mushroom cloud. Here's a pic:

Then we headed over to some place I forget the name of, got some pizza baguettes and called it a night.

So my first night on the town was pretty effin sweet. Many thanks to petra! and tonight were going up to the village where my dad is from (Mtein) for some sort of concert and dinner, should be snawsome.

This is the view from the village:

That's it for now I guess, I feel like I write way too much per post.

P.S. everyone should check out and vote for the new 7 natural wonders of the world, check out the jeita grotto its sweeeeet.

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  1. Anytime habibi! Glad you're enjoying the nights out!!! Every night!! ;) Freaking hell though, at the rate we're going, I need to start detox-ing like now! mwa