Sunday, October 11, 2009

With both barrels

Haven't updated for a looong time but in my defense, the AUB proxy settings (that monitor your bandwith usage) don't let you upload pictures on blogspot. It also doesn't allow me to use skype, adium, ichat, or magic jack. So I had to travel off campus to a restaurant/cafe called euro deli.

So as promised here are a couple tags/stencils around the campus that I especially like. There are a couple random pictures of places on Bliss street as well. Oh and a little "art" from yours truly.

First here's a couple day/night views from my dorm:


fighter of the...


This next picture is a tag I pass everyday going to and from my classes, and it reminds me to not be a scumbucket...whatever that may be.

This is a painting on the side of a school in hamra on the way to AUB from my uncle's place, all I have to say is wtf?

this one is all over the place. I think its about how all the different factions/political parties/religions in Beirut are always at each others throats. And I've recently been informed that Lebanon technically has no government right now, idk to what extent, but looks like its riot time (jk). As messed up as it sounds I'd like to see some "mashkal" (fighting) while I'm here. I'm probably going to wish I never said that haha.

I think I've seen this somewhere in the states but I can't remember where.

self-explanatory...not the most artistic, but it gets the job done.

This reminds me of the symbol for the autobots, and I like how they are all chilling on the red graffiti.

Translation: "Silicone=Art".

I love the name of this place, it cracks me up every time I pass it. especially if you say your l's like r's

"Bliss House: BBQ, Juice, Ice Cream"...all you will ever need.

Rutgers: Beirut (does anyone see a dolphin in the "R"?)

Translation: "Khood" it means "take it" i think, but it's traditionally said when giving someone the finger.

phone home

My artistic rendition of Andre, the owner of Captains Cabin, a dive bar of sorts where a lot of internationals and AUB students hang out. I've met people from Cali, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, Boston, Jersey, it's actually really weird that most of the people I've met are not actually Lebanese.

Looks like we're going to rent a car and go to Jbeil, not really sure what it is but I know its really nice and it's on the ocean. Should be a good time. There are some other graffiti pics I took but I'll update later cause I didn't download them from my camera yet.

Well I've been sitting here at euro deli forever cause apparently they still use DSL here, and not the good kind.

This one goes out to Omar (it won't let me embed the video because Universal Productions blows) I'm sure most of you have already seen it but for those who haven't its sweet. The song is called "handlebars" by Flobots:

Anyways I think I may be overstaying my welcome here so farewell, and have a great weekend!

-End Transmission-

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